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Burlington Training Centre is a one-of-a-kind fitness and martial arts facility located in one of the busiest and most desirable areas of Burlington.  Once you walk into our facility, a 100’ turf is the focal point. Our gym facility includes top-of-the line strength equipment, heavy bags, a matted area for jui-jitsu and wresetling, an Olympic sized boxing ring, and 1 regulation-sized MMA octagon. 

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Burlington Training Centre

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Meet the Team

Burlington Training Centre



Jalbert’s love for mixed martial arts began at the early age of 14 when he was introduced to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Although Jalbert’s athletic interests were also shared with more common sports such as basketball, he quickly realized how perfect his body type was as a grappler and instantly engrossed himself into practice. He is currently a BJJ brown belt under the Wagney Fabiano linage and is the head BJJ coach here at BTC teaching classes for both kids and adults. Jalbert’s martial arts track record also includes a professional career as an MMA fighter where he has thus far amassed a record of 4-1.


Scott Hudson

Hudson is one of BTC’s most journeyed mixed martial artists and coaches having competed in six different countries and trained across the world. He began his career as an amateur boxer before moving onto MMA and Muay Thai. As a coach, Hudson is dedicated to teaching students the fundamentals of the martial arts while also maintaining a defensive minded approach. He is currently BTC’s Martial Arts Manager, a full-time mixed martial artist with a pro record of 6-3 and a man who loves long walks on the beach. Can’t you tell?


Adam Assenza

Adam Assenza is one of the Halton areas most well known professional fighters and has been pursuing a career in mixed martial arts since 2010. As BTC’s Fitness Director, Assenza is the focal point in all the fitness design seen throughout the gym including personal training, group training classes and team training. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach and athletic therapist but also a full-time MMA fighter. As a fitness professional he owns his FLMP, CSEP, CPTN, CSCS and for therapy he own his AT, FST, A.R.T and STR.


    Nick Zablocki

    Nick has been training, competing and coaching in wrestling for many years. He has coached and competed at the high school, varsity level as well as nationally and internationally. Nick first fell in love with the sport in high school and has never looked back. Wrestling is one of the fundamental components of MMA and Nick brings to BTC a wealth of practical and hands on experience to our mats. Blessed with the ability to easily break things down into their most basic forms, Nick has found fulfillment in coaching kids, teenagers and adults of all levels and experience.


      Serhiy Sidey

      Serhiy’s martial arts journey is one of that he hopes will translate into his future aspirations in the criminal justice sector. Serhiy not only juggles his commitment to school, but also his commitment to the sport of MMA, something he has a strong passion for. the exciting local talent is beginning to carve out his mixed martial arts career on the amateur scene, with one of his best performances coming at ACE Fighting Championships in a stunning unanimous decision. Since his life revolves around constant practice and detail, you’ll be sure to learn all the essential techniques to make you a better striker.