Fully Customized Personal Fitness Training


Motivation, safe technique and reaching goals are the obvious reasons why you might choose to work one-on-one with a BTC Trainer. But in order to maximize your investment, there are a few more benefits to consider.


Establishing a routine or habit is job #1 for your BTC Trainer because consistency is key in reaching any goal. Once consistency is established, your BTC Trainer can now focus on getting you results.


Proper fat loss & muscle gain is something that should be left to the experts. You rely on experts in many other areas of your life, BTC Trainers are no different. They are required to stay up to date and current in their certifications and know the importance of a healthy body composition.


Overcoming plateaus goes beyond simply changing things up from time to time. BTC Trainers follow a specific protocol which helps you to become structurally sound so that you can progress safely and effectively. You will avoid plateaus with a strong foundation.

Gain the knowledge, motivation, guidance, confidence and support that you need to achieve your goals by working one-on-one with a Personal Trainer.

1. Structural Balance & Muscle Endurance

GOAL: Increase structural strength, repair & prevent injuries. Prepare and increase ligament viscosity to take load. Recruit muscle fibres. Begin to increase lactic acid threshold.


2. Relative Strength & Hypertrophy 

GOAL: Improve lifting competencies & increase multi-joint exercises. Build relative strength. Body composition begins to change.


3. Strength & Fat Loss

GOAL: Incorporate more lifts to ensure focus on functional movement. Increase strength. Challenge aerobic & anaerobic thresholds. Optimal training. ***All phases will improve lean body mass, but in this phase all goals are met optimally.

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