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Sometimes you just want to grab your headphones and get your fitness on. BTC provides everything you need from sate of the art cardio machines to a generous collection of Hammer Strength equipment with the added bonus of fully stocked martial arts department. You can also work on your sport specific training using a variety of modalities including hurdles, TRX, sleds, plyo boxes, battle ropes and more. Members are more than welcome and encouraged to use all areas of the facility.

Our schedule of Group Fitness classes extends far past the average pre-choreographed experience. Welcoming participants from beginners to advanced, our coaches are all highly skilled and will recognize your need for some extra guidance or for more of a challenge. Offering a variety of skill building workouts that challenge your cardio and build muscle, our main focus is for all participants to build strong foundations for a healthy, functional and active lifestyle.

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Martial Arts Programs


Muay Thai

Originating in Thailand, Muay Thai is a ring sport that is steeped in tradition and heritage; it’s simple effectiveness makes it special.  It performs the science of eight limbs using hands, feet, elbows and knees also combined with stand up grappling.  Offensive and defensive training using shadowboxing, footwork skills, padwork, heavy bag training and various partner co ordination drills will all condition your strength and stamina.

Traditionally, fighters all over the world seek Muay Thai to improve their effectiveness, and to give themselves an edge in the ring



    Boxing is one of the most fundamental disciplines of mixed martial arts and is also practiced by millions of people each day. The art of boxing utilizes the whole body, from the hips, calves, upper body and back. In order to safely and effectively enhance your striking skills, learning the essential techniques that make a boxer into a heavy hitter is the crux where our coaches base their classes. Our instructors are also very fond of using conditioning to support the technique learned in each class. Use your body as your greatest arsenal by perfecting the jab, uppercut, hook and footwork it takes to be evasive and powerful all at once.

    BTC Groundwork Class Burlington.jpg

    BJJ No Gi

    BTC’s No-Gi class is a groundwork class which helps students to mimic the grappling techniques a mixed martial artist would use in a competitive setting. The three main ways that a gi and no-gi grappling class differ are through lack of clothing, strategy, technique and tournament rules. When practicing the art of Jiu Jitsu students implement movements through the use of their gi, while in no – gi classes’ students will be taught on how to implement these movements without the use of the traditional garment.

      Burlington MMA Fitness Training.png

      BJJ Gi

      BJJ is an incredibly intricate art. It takes a bounty of focus, patience and it is a journey with plenty of moving parts. That’s why BTC has a class dedicated to executing, practicing and refreshing a student’s skills in motion. It isn’t just about learning technique, but it is also about executing it properly so the student can absorb what they’ve learned and potentially take it to the mats competitively. This class is open to all levels of BJJ and its an essential on if you are looking to refine your arsenal!

      BJJ Gi Rounds is an extra opportunity for students to add more layers of practice onto what they would have learned in the class prior. It is a designated period of time for students who are able, to spend an extra hour on the mats with our pros developing and sharpening their techniques. It also allows students who want to partner up and do live rolling as well. Let the good times ‘roll’!

      Learning the fundamentals of any martial art is essential for progression, but in BJJ it is most certainly important as it is a sport reliant on detail. This class is open to all levels and it always goes back to basics making it beneficial for any belt level to shake off bad habits or just refresh their memory of basics. It teaches students the art of BJJ through a technical approach aided with drilling, practice and rolling.

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        Combining the most effective stand up fighting strategies from kickboxing, traditional boxing and muay thai techniques our modern K1 style Kickboxing classes are fast and free flowing.  Incorporating glove and shinpad boxing, kicking drills, low kick shields, heavy bag work and conditioning, you will not only perfect your techniques but get a great workout as well.

          Wrestling Classes Burlington.jpg


          Said to be the oldest sport in history, wrestling offers a full body workout that involves technique, skill and cardio.  This class welcomes all skill levels.

            MMA Training Burlington.jpg

            MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

            The modern martial artist doesn’t just try to perfect one art but many, and it is this that brings together the sport of MMA. BTC’s MMA class is a culmination of all aspects of modern combat including boxing, grappling, kickboxing and more. If there is a place where you are looking to challenge your overall knowledge and skills in ground fighting and stand up, our MMA class is for you. It is suggested that students have a comfortable understanding of all martial arts when attending these classes as specific verbiage will be used to combine all arts into performance.


              Private Martial Arts Instruction

              Private Martial Arts sessions are for more than just the pros! Clients enjoy sessions that are designed to meet their needs; whether you are new to marital arts and are looking to learn the basics before joining a program, a veteran wanting to tighten your skills, or are simply looking for a fun new way to get a great workout, a regular program with one of our coaches is the perfect addition to your training regime. 

              • 60 minute sessions

              • Tailored to individual goals

              • Semi-private sessions available

              • No minimum commitment

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              Fully Customized Personal Fitness Training


              Motivation, safe technique and reaching goals are the obvious reasons why you might choose to work one-on-one with a BTC Trainer. But in order to maximize your investment, there are a few more benefits to consider.


              Establishing a routine or habit is job #1 for your BTC Trainer because consistency is key in reaching any goal. Once consistency is established, your BTC Trainer can now focus on getting you results.


              Proper fat loss & muscle gain is something that should be left to the experts. You rely on experts in many other areas of your life, BTC Trainers are no different. They are required to stay up to date and current in their certifications and know the importance of a healthy body composition.


              Overcoming plateaus goes beyond simply changing things up from time to time. BTC Trainers follow a specific protocol which helps you to become structurally sound so that you can progress safely and effectively. You will avoid plateaus with a strong foundation.

              Gain the knowledge, motivation, guidance, confidence and support that you need to achieve your goals by working one-on-one with a Personal Trainer.

              PHASE ONE: Structural Balance & Muscle Endurance

              GOAL: Increase structural strength, repair & prevent injuries. Prepare and increase ligament viscosity to take load. Recruit muscle fibres. Begin to increase lactic acid threshold.


              PHASE TWO: Relative Strength & Hypertrophy 

              GOAL: Improve lifting competencies & increase multi-joint exercises. Build relative strength. Body composition begins to change.


              PHASE THREE: Strength & Fat Loss

              GOAL: Incorporate more lifts to ensure focus on functional movement. Increase strength. Challenge aerobic & anaerobic thresholds. Optimal training. ***All phases will improve lean body mass, but in this phase all goals are met optimally.

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              MPC Fitness App.jpg

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              Athletic & Team Development

              A regular gym workout vs an athletic, sport specific, team workout could mean the difference in taking your team to the next level. BTC coaches focus on properly designed programs which meet the specific needs of athletes during their off-season training. We understand that it is important to recognize that movement patterns are specific to the demands of each sport and your program should reflect this. 

              All programs begin by building a solid foundation, followed by a systematic progression that incorporates 5 key training elements: 


              Adam Assenza

              Head Coach

              Adam Assenza is one of the Halton areas most well-known professional fighters and has been pursuing a career in mixed martial arts since 2010. As BTC’s Fitness Director, Assenza is the focal point in all the fitness design seen throughout the gym including personal training, group training classes and team training. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach and athletic therapist but also a full-time MMA fighter. As a fitness professional he owns his FLMP, CSEP, CPTN, CSCS and for therapy he own his AT, FST, A.R.T and STR.


              Team Training Packages

              All sessions are 60 minutes in length, 20 player maximum, 10 players plus will have 2 coaches per session. 


              Youth Fitness Programs @ BTC

              2019 Kids Camps @ Burlington Training Centre

              Click here to view our Camp Policy document

              A FULL WEEK OF CAMP for $198



              If you are looking for something for your child to do on their next school holiday, look no further! It is our pleasure to offer you child minding services that will challenge your child(ren) both mentally and physically!

              Our experienced instructors provide the right mix between learning, instruction and fun.

              Activities Include:

              • 3 hours of instructional class each day

              • activities to encourage teamwork

              • special entertainment and/or outings

              • active games indoor & outdoor

              • pizza party friday

              Camp Specifics:

              • ages 5 and up

              • drop off @ 8am

              • activities from 9am – 4pm

              • late pick available until 5pm

              • participants to bring own lunch, water, sunscreen and change of clothes

              Burlington Children's Birthday Parties.png

              Character building skills including:


              Fighters are some of the most confident athletes in the world. It comes from their commitment to training, learning and always analyzing improving. Learning Martial Arts in any form can offer a major dose of positivity to ones self-confidence.


              Martial Arts is not an easy sport by any and that’s why in order to succeed it in, you must be self-disciplined. This trait comes to the forefront almost immediately when training Martial Arts and that’s why it is so beneficial for people of all ages, especially developing kids!


              Good Sportsmanship comes from recognizing triumphs and failures and always knowing there is a place for improvement. Working alongside a variety of skill sets teaches one to respect the process, their training partners and themselves along the way.


              It takes a lot of energy to get through a touch, technique based Martial Arts class and without the use of focus, it makes the hour seem much longer than it really is. With commitment and consistency, this becomes natural and will eventually translate into everyday life.


              Working alongside a wide range of students can be difficult if the atmosphere isn’t a positive one. That’s why respecting others, their process and your own is just as much important as getting the technique right. Sustaining kindness, patience and good manners makes this process even easier.


              2018 & 2019 Camp Schedule

              Christmas Camp

              December 27th & 28th 2018

              Jan 2-4th 2019

              P.A. Days


              FRIDAY FEB 1ST

              FRIDAY APRIL 12TH

              FRIDAY JUNE 7TH

              March Break 2019

              MARCH 11th - 15th 2019

              Summer Camp 2019

              Week #5: Jul. 29th to Aug. 2nd

              Week #6: Aug. 5th to Aug. 9th

              Week #7: Aug. 12th to Aug. 16th

              Week #8: Aug. 19th to Aug. 23rd

              Week #9: Aug. 26th to Aug. 30th

              Week #1: Jul. 2nd to Jul. 5th

              Week #2: Jul. 8th to Jul. 12th

              Week #3: Jul. 15th to Jul. 19th

              Week #4: Jul. 22nd to Jul. 26th


              Birthday Parties

              Book Your Next Birthday Celebration With Us!

              Burlington Children's Birthday Party Package #1.png

              $179 plus tax

              1 hour of Martial Arts inspired games

              1 hour in the pre-decorated party room

              Set up & Clean Up

              Up to 10 friends, invitations included

                Burlington Children's Birthday Party Package #2.png

                $219 plus tax

                1 hour of Martial Arts inspired games

                1 hour in the pre-decorated party room

                Pizza & Drinks

                Set up & Clean Up

                Up to 10 friends, invitations include