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Athletic & Team Development

Understanding the physiology & psychology of sport are the foundation for athletic performance. We are excited to offer team training packages, to take your team to an elite level!

Our main goal is to increase agility and mobility for injury prevention and athleticism. Improve your team’s overall fitness level and decrease the risk of injury. Athletes are regularly assessed in areas of agility, speed and strength. We focus on sport-specific training, speed work and functional interval training routines/drills.

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Team Training Packages

All sessions are 60 minutes in length, 20 player maximum, 10 players plus will have 2 coaches per session. 


Program #1.

Custom-built training & meal plans for your team. Broken down by age group.

Off-Season Price: $20/month, per Athlete.
Includes: MPC Fitness App with online access, meal planner and food tracker.
Benefits: Players progress is tracked and taught with the correct weight and form.

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Program #2.

All of Program #1 + Athletic Combine

$50/month per Athlete. Includes 2 Combines: x1 at program start, and x1 at completion.

Each team will visit Burlington Training Centre to be measured through 9 athletic tests. We will measure each player at the start and the finish of the program/offseason. All results will be tabulated and shared with coaches and directors. You can share these with your players.

Duration: 2 hours. Each team will have trainers to explain the form, process and execution methods of best practices. Great team experience!

  • 4 teams per session.

  • 4 sessions per day.

  • 2 days. Get the assessment done in one weekend.

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Program #3.

All of program #1 and #2 + weekly team training sessions.

One day per week, the team will work out with our trainers at Burlington Training Centre.
Tracking. Training. Education - - - - -> Improvement.

Cost: $150/team per session
Duration: 1-hour sessions.

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